La belle vie





This gracious French Colonial house is set amidst a wild romantic meadowy garden on 24-acres of rolling countryside at East Trentham, one hour from Melbourne.

Linked to nature, incorporating stylish European design, St Claire is designed for living “la belle vie” (a beautiful life).

St Claire is only two years old and has the best of modern conveniences. It has been specially designed to provide luxurious accommodation and a beautiful event space for large groups.
It is perfect for relaxation, togetherness, fun, creativity and collaboration.

What is St Claire Country House?

St Claire Country House is an innovative blend of beautiful French and English influences. Its architecture and interiors are a new version of French colonial style – hence the St Claire part of the name. (St Claire was a French saint.) The words “Country House” are used because St Claire is a Country House in the English tradition. Country Houses in England are where the gentry lived “a beautiful life” on their country estates with their large gardens. Think Pride and Prejudice, Downton Abbey and Brideshead Revisited. The large garden at St Claire is in wild romantic meadowy style - a new fashion in Europe. This dreamy style is where the plants in the garden are allowed to do their own thing, entangle each other and run a little bit wild. It calls to our spirit - the part of us that would like to be living in nature, running wild and free. A stay at St Claire is an uplifting experience.

We have beautiful luxury large group accommodation and a venue for retreats and special occasions.
We also run special events for you to enjoy.