booking accommodation

For detailed information on prices, visit the PRICES page of this website. 

Accommodation can be booked online through the Book Now button above.  You can also pay by credit card over the phone. (Please phone Anne-Marie on 0417 081 611 or send an email to if you wish to receive a discount because you are booking for more than two days or if you have any special requirements.) 

The Venue can only be booked in conjunction with booking the accommodation. This means if you wish to book for accommodation only you cannot be bothered by any noise from the Salon or North Lawn as no one is able to book the Salon or North Lawn separately to you booking the accommodation. 


Booking the venue (Salon, North Lawn or both)

To make a booking for the venue please contact Anne-Marie on 0417 081 611 or by email at You can pay by credit card.